tap2fuck the mobile adult game

Simply put, it's a sex game. If you search for mobile sex games in google, we hope you come across this.

meet alexis - tap2fuck the mobile adult game

Tap2Fuck is the Mobile Adult Game. There are currently 4 of us working on bringing this game to your mobile device. As of now, it is available for Android only, however, we do plan to release it for iOS.

There are various of porn games online, however, since the mobile platforms do not like flash, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a highly customizable adult porn game.

Tap2Fuck Features

  • Various Characters
  • Various Costumes
  • Various Positions

As of now, the game is in Beta with 3 characters, fully developed touch controls and with a background selection option.

Tap2Fuck is a hentai game because of its anime aspect. Although having a realistic version did come up in our development discussion. This might be a future add on.

Tap2Fuck will be a free mobile sex game. However, as we progress, we will be adding paid content such as new characters, costumes and positions. We expect to price these at $0.99 per character and costume, and $1.99 for new positions.

Download Tap2Fuck The Mobile Adult Game here‚Äč!

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