Tap2Fuck V2.8 [Specs, Jeans n Jacket, & Backgrounds]

What's going on everyone! We have finished adding a new character Specs from ShadyCorner, along with her costume "Jeans n Jacket". You can get her access code from their video. (Link will be coming shortly)

It looks like we will be working on getting a sexy Tanned Silver Haired Elf for February along with a Bunny Costume. After this, we will delay adding any more characters and costumes, to figure out a proper way to begin integrating them into the other positions.​

In addition, we will be removing the lock on most characters and costumes in V3.0. This will give use more freedom, and make the app simpler.​

Character & Costume

  • Specs
  • Jeans n Jacket


  • New Backgrounds
  • Tattoos

Work in Progress

  • Tanned Silver Haired Elf
  • Bunny Costume
  • Costumes Integration
  • Cum Animation Improvements
  • January 27, 2017

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