Tap2Fuck – Santa Baby


Tap2Fuck V2.7 is here! Play now to bang your favorite character in the Santa Baby costume. We're generally done with the body animations, most of the focus will go into the face to make the game more juicy. However, we will improve the scenes as we move further with the development of the game.

This is one of the updates for December, the next will include small fixes that have not been completed yet.

January update news will come later this month.

Vote Below for February Additions! January is already planned.​


  • Santa Baby
  • Bent Over Position


  • Replaced BJ Scene
  • Almost Completely Fixed Squirt and Cum Outside Animations Freezing
  • Fixed Different Shoe Animations for Several Characters
  • Sounds for Bent Over Scene
  • Costumes are now Shown instead of Characters being Nude
  • Temporary Game Object for Bent Over Scene

Work in Progress

  • Backgrounds for new positions
  • BJ Costume Animations
  • Bent Over Costume Animations
  • Doggy Style Costume Animations
  • General Animation Improvements (Cum animations are key)
  • Tattoos

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