Tap2Fuck (Bunny Costume + Unlocked)

Bunny Tap2Fuck

What's going on. Tap2Fuck is going fully free with everything unlocked. We appreciate all the support we have gotten which allowed us to keep adding new characters and costumes.

There have definitely been some bumps in the road, and with the artists coming and going, I have decided to stop with the further development of this game.

We have been working with several artists to find a good fit for the style, as well as animators. However, none of them are consistent. It's usually a hit or miss, and if it's a hit, I don't hear back.

The new direction that I plan on going in with regards to mobile adult games is to always be ready for these kinds of scenarios and to produce games that are not dependent on a single artist until I form some kind of partnership or a stable relationship.

Having said that, you may download Tap2Fuck by clicking the button below, and you may continue reading further for my plans. If you do find any bugs, please let me know.


  • plus
    Bunny Costume
  • plus
    Reverse Cowgirl Animations and Icon


  • check
    Costume Fixes for Specs
  • check
    Fixed background bug
  • check
    Fixed UI scaling

Future Plans

The future plans of Tap2Fuck games include simple and short scenarios with different girls in different art styles. 

I do not have a plan to work with a single artist individually, but if the relationship develops then great. I love being consistent, but more importantly, I love actually getting shit done.

The current game system I am building will be used for a minimum of 4 games before any upgrades. 4 games meaning 4 girls, in possibly 4 different styles, depending on artist relationships. Most importantly, these games will be free.

If you're an artist who would like to work together, hit me up in the comment section below or send a message on Patreon.

For more updates, follow the Tap2Fuck Patreon.

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