Tap2Fuck Beta V2.0

What's going on everyone!

We're proud to announce today that we have finished adding the necessary content into Tap2Fuck to call it Beta Version 2.0.

Tap2Fuck Beta V 2.1

  • Pervify Character
  • Nurse Costume
  • Emma
  • Icon Change
  • Bikini Costume
  • Hospital Room Background
  • Access Codes to $3 Patrons

If you haven't signed up to be our Patron for $3 which will ​give you an access code granting all current and future content, do it before we raise it to $5 on July 31st!

Tap2Fuck August Goals

  • Sex Kitten Costume
  • Seductive Nun
  • Nurse Costume for All Characters
  • Bikini Costume for All Characters
  • Sport Costume
  • In-App Update Notification
  • Blow Job Scene

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