Tap2Fuck Beta V1.2.7

Meet Emma

Hope you remember the two characters we mentioned we will be adding by our "release" date. Meet Emma, the bikini girl. She's still a WIP.

‚ÄčUpdates are coming out quick.

Finally done working through the little bugs and fixes after adding Violetta. In addition, we updated our code database for future releases!

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v1.2.7 Update Notes

  • Client Sided Character Codes
  • Client Sided Costume Codes
  • Unlock All Button Hides after Unlock
  • Violetta Skin Updates
  • Little UI Fixes
  • Application Icon Change

In addition to our planned 2 new characters, we would like to add a new costume in August!

Vote on the August Costume!

Poll Closed. Sex Kitten Wins!

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