Tap2Fuck Beta V1.2.5

Succubus Nurse

What's going on!

We're here with another update. V1.3 is taking quite a bit of time, so we decided to release V1.2.5 that includes a few changes.​ This update is ONLY available to our Patrons until July 13th.

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Update Notes

  • 2 Backgrounds
  • Access Codes connected to Server
  • Better Save Function
  • Slutty Secretary for Skye and Violetta
  • Little UI Fixes

Our sexy succubus nurse is completely finished. We plan on including her in Tap2Fuck either mid July or near our planned Beta V2 day. (July 30th)

In addition to our planned 2 new characters, we would like to add a new costume in August!

Vote on the August Costume!

Vote Completed! Sex Kitten wins.

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