Tap2Fuck Beta V1.2.1

As you guys may have noticed, we removed the email sign up to download the game. This might be changed depending on how many Patrons we get.

If you would like to have access to all future content we make after Beta, donate via Patreon!

Hot fixes this update!

  • Removed Creative Common Backgrounds
  • Added Farm Barn Background
  • Fixed Squirt Animation
  • Added Patreon Links
  • Minor UI changes (font, text size, positioning)

Not too many changes this update. The server development for access codes is underway. Our lead animator pulled her hand so we are taking a small hit to our productivity.

Next Update V1.3

We're estimating this to be done by July 8th.

  • Slutty Secretary for Skye and Violetta
  • Access Codes connected to Server
  • 3 More Backgrounds
  • Better Save Function

Work in Progress

Things are are being worked on and won't appear in the next update.

Our next character, the succubus is being worked on. Next part will be the costume!

Tap2Fuck Succubus



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