Instabanger – Amber (2 New Sex Positions!)

What's going on. I've finished working on another Instabanger mobile adult game. Seduce Amber, the sexy redhead.

Download it from our Patreon post.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.  This is the second game in the Instabanger series, and I will be working to improve on animations and the experience for future games.

The chat system is very basic still and I'd like to get it to look as close to a mobile messaging app as possible. Will keep working away at that. Not a fan of the shitty free sex noises in the game as well, will be looking into that. Art is done by Santystuff.


  • check
    Girl Messages
  • check
    2 Positions
  • check
    Better Animations


  • check
    Chat System Changes
  • check
    Girl Talking in Bubbles
  • check
    New Character
  • check
    New Poses

Controls for PC. 

  • W - Insert
  • S - Take Out
  • D - Bang
  • W - Cum after 20 Bangs

Controls for Mobile.

  • Swipe Up - Insert
  • Swipe Down - Take Out
  • Tap - Bang
  • Swipe Up -  Cum after 20 Bangs 

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