Bunny Tap2Fuck

Tap2Fuck (Bunny Costume + Unlocked)

What’s going on. Tap2Fuck is going fully free with everything unlocked. We appreciate all the support we have gotten which allowed us to keep adding new characters and costumes. There have definitely been some bumps in the road, and with the artists coming and going, I have decided to stop with the further development of this […]


Tap2Fuck V2.8 [Specs, Jeans n Jacket, & Backgrounds]

What’s going on everyone! We have finished adding a new character Specs from ShadyCorner, along with her costume “Jeans n Jacket”. You can get her access code from their video. (Link will be coming shortly)It looks like we will be working on getting a sexy Tanned Silver Haired Elf for February along with a Bunny […]

  • January 27, 2017

Tap2Fuck – Santa Baby

Tap2Fuck V2.7 is here! Play now to bang your favorite character in the Santa Baby costume. We’re generally done with the body animations, most of the focus will go into the face to make the game more juicy. However, we will improve the scenes as we move further with the development of the game.This is […]